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Although SSuite also contains excellent graphic editors, for certain tasks it is essential to have some more that I will mention below


Great online editor, which, apart from making the usual photo retouching, is one of the few online applications capable of editing animated gifs directly, without losing the movement. It allows to convert videos in animated gifs or also add animations to an image, label them with more than a thousand different fonts and apply more than 200 effects and filters to an image.

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There is also an extension for Vivaldi, which adds an ‘Edit image with Lunapic‘ to the mouse’s context menu


Well, now I present a graphic application that does just the opposite.
When we surf the web, we find many photoshoped images,. If it is jokes or emes naturally there is nothing against, but sometimes it is done with bad intentions, either for political reasons or to defame for other reasons.
This application allows us with all the necessary tools, to analyze a photograph in depth and discover if it has been retouched or not

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Emoji Maker

Great editor to create your own personalized emoji in a completely visual way

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You don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful images, thanks to this editor that converts a word or a phrase into an image with the help of Artificial Intelligence, interpreting it.

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